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By dillingerdiggs
November 17, 2020

Homemade Gay Vids Become more Popular

Ever wanted to know what it feels like to know the whole world is watching you penetrate that sexy daddy in your homemade gay vids?

PornHub has had a surge of homemade gay vids being uploaded. Is there something wrong with high production porn or is it that homemade gay vids are just in high demand? Homemade gay vids are becoming more popular because anyone can make them and they’re accessible and relatable.

Make Amateur Gay Porn from the Luxury of your own Home

Amateur gay porn puts anyone in the director’s chair. You or anyone with a camera phone can produce sexy fun gay porn. PornHub is so saturated with home gay porn vids because anyone can make homemade gay vids at home. Just round up a partner. Maybe find two. Go at it and catch it on film! Be sure to get their consent, of course, before uploading it to the web. It’s fun to take vids of gay guys fucking and it’s an activity that anyone can partake in both in front of or behind the camera.

It’s just as easy to watch amateur gay porn as it is to make it. The ease in which amateur gay porn is made and consumed makes it more accessible to anyone. Homemade gay vids are popular because they’re more accessible. It’s easy to make and share sexy content with your friends or upload it to your Twitter, Only Fans, or Jockey Cock. This accessible new, some might call artform, is fun and accessible.

Homemade Gay Vids are just Plain Hot!

Amateur gay porn can seem more real than expensive gay porn. We all like to fantasize that the guy getting fucked or breeding his boy doesn’t know we’re in the room. But why? Maybe the sexy guy getting fucked bumps the camera and shakes us around a bit. So? Maybe amateur gay vids are more real than high production films. Maybe they’re actually more believable because they’re made by people just like us. Homemade gay vids are more relatable, real, and just more fun! This new style of the guys in the film being average guys, not paid models, makes us feel more connected to the action. Feeling like you’re in the room with an iPhone fucking sexy guys that are real can be fun and exciting.

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