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By Jockey Cock
April 23, 2021

Social Media and Cultural Diversity

Jockey Cock was made for you. You’re sexy and we’re glad to have you as part of the Jockey Cock community. Social media and cultural diversity have a strange relationship with each other. But diversity is very important to Jockey Cock. Let’s face it! It’s sexy. Jockey Cock should be a diverse space for people to feel comfortable to show up as their whole and, hopefully naked, selves. We all have different identities, bodies, and even unique sexual interests; Jockey Cock is dedicated to fostering a space for those people.

Who is Jockey Cock For?

Jockey Cock is a unique platform for sharing sexy content and networking with others. But what kind of content is acceptable and who do people want to network with? This is what makes the relationship between social media and cultural diversity important to us. Jockey Cock is very malleable in its design. Through surveys and other communications, its users have a ton of say in the features they want and the ones they don’t. Currently, it would appear at least that Jockey Cock is intended for cis male-appearing men. That is not really true. Simply said, the Jockey Cock app is for whoever wants to use it.


Ethnicity is a huge complicated part of social media and cultural diversity. What even is ethnicity?! Most would say it encompasses quite a bit about a person beyond just their body, where their from, or the color of their skin. Jockey Cock wants people to be able to represent who they are and link up with people within their communities. Jockey Cock wants to make its profiles and filters as representational and inclusive as possible. And, though all this is a challenging balancing act, the very last thing we want is for people to be discriminated against, feel unsafe, or just be harassed.

And what about sexual orientations and genders? Jockey Cock’s social media and cultural diversity concerns are focused heavily on LGBTQ+ communities. We want to offer people the platform to represent themselves and how they’re addressed in a positive and proud way. It’s a long equation encompassing such a beautifully diverse world into a checkbox. But we’re determined to offer a space for people to represent themselves! (Don’t worry; we have more than one checkbox!)

Body! Body! Body!

Jockey Cock is a social feed of often nude and sexy pictures and videos. There are even sexy updates. Good social media and cultural diversity mean allowing people to feel comfortable enough sharing their sexy pics no matter their body type, anatomy, or otherwise what it looks like in any way. The Jockey Cock app should be a space for just that. Both in its social feed and member profiles, Jockey Cock does all it can to create an inclusive space for all bodies.


This can be a complex question for anyone! Sometimes, even, it’s easier to tell someone what you’re not into. The same problem exists: condensing all the lovely and kinky activities so many of us participate in into one profile. This is the struggle between social media and cultural diversity. It’s even more challenging fostering these communities and getting these people acquainted on the app. But with feedback from the users, together, we can do it! A simple decision to use a checkbox versus a dropdown or maybe a fill-in-the-blank is a conscious decision on Jockey Cock.

Want to Participate?!

Never hesitate to say hello. Write to us at if you have ideas on social media and cultural diversity and how to make Jockey Cock a safer, more diverse, and more inclusive space. Please, also take our survey at

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